Urban Myth: Boo Radley will kill anyone who walks on his property.

Possible Origin: One day Mrs. Radley ran out of the house screaming that Boo was trying to kill them all.

Fact: No one knows if he really went crazy because he never comes outside and interacts.

Urban Myth: It is a sin to kill a mocking bird.
Possible Origin: There is no reason to kill a mockingbird, they don't mess up peoples' gardens or damage property; they just make music for all to hear.

Fact: It is a sin to take any life, even an animal's.

Urban Myth: No Crawford can mind his own business.

Possible Origin: The Crawfords have been known to know everyone else's business for many past generations.

Fact: Stephanie Crawford is a known gossip.

Urban Myth: African Americans are socially inferior to white people.

Possible Origin: Slavery had just ended and white people were still used to controlling blacks.

Fact: God made all men equal.

Urban Myth: Bufords walk a certain way.

Possible Origin: A son or daughter of a Buford walked just like their parents.

Fact: Genes may be carried down generations, but they eventually will be altered. So Bufords will walk differently after so many generations.

Urban Myth: Mr. Raymod likes African Americans because he's drunk.

Possible Origin: He lives among black folk, and is always seen in town drinking out of a bottle hidden in a paper bag.

Fact: Mr. Rymond is not drunk and only acts like it so as to give the towns people a reason for him to like blacks.
Actually the bottle is just Coke.