WHO I AM Hi. My name is Cody Starostka. I usually go by Cody Star, but since im not really talking to anyone it doesnt matter. I like to play sports at school such as soccer(had a perfect season this year), basketball(made varsity twice), and track(This year was on a 4x100 team that placed 1st in the state of Illinois and on a 4x200 team that got 4th) I am also involved in the band, choir, chess club, and year book. My favorite band hands down is COLDPLAY they are just truly awesome I even know a ton of their songs on piano and a few on guitar. I like to play xbox mostly mw2 so if you want to add me as a friend my gamertag is coldplayfanboy. And finally I am a very strong Christian and i hope to share the good news of the Lord with everyone I meet.
List of my Heroes
Dakota Follis

external image Armstrong_L5.jpgMy role model and hero in life is Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong Commercial ^

Lance Armstrong Montage v

My favorite Sport is Track

external image 1132613.jpeg

My favorite books are the Percy Jackson and the Olympian Series.
external image MC.GIF

I love to play the piano.

external image piano.jpg

Some of my favorite actors include......
external image owen-wilson-wedding-crashers-400a010807.jpgexternal image Adam-Sandler.jpgexternal image will_ferrell.jpgexternal image bradley_cooper.jpg
Owen Wilson, Adam Sandler, Will Ferrell, Bradley Cooper

external image andy_sandberg.jpg
Andy Sandberg

MY FAVORITE BAND IS................

external image coldplay-band.jpg


My favorite hobby is road biking....
external image armstrongdescent_tdf09stage9_roadbikeaction.jpg(not quite at this level yet)

Saving up for the TREK 1.2 its pretty expensive but il get my moneys worth out of it.

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I hope to one day travel to the UK and Greece.

external image uk-flag.jpgexternal image coliseum.jpg

Thats a little bit about me.