Characterization Charts


A mockingbird ("It's a sin to kill a mockingbird"-Atticus (for they don't cause trouble just sing their nice songs).

A writer uses four main ways to tell about characters: what they say, how they look (including mannerisms, habits, etc.), what they do, and what others say about them. Below you will find TWO characterization charts. You will find a category for the main Characters Scout, Jem, Atticus, And Dill. The colors on this chart show how each character relates to eachother. Try to find the resemblance. Enjoy these charts and we hope they help.

First Impressions

Self Descriptions
-Scout is a tom boy. She would much rather hang out with her brother and Dill than with girls.
-She is very smart but lothes school.

-His real name is Jeremy.
-Doesnt mind to be around his sister at first.

-A self-respecting man who tries to be kind
to everyone and everything.

-Dill likes to play with Jem and Scout.
-He also has a facinastion with Boo Radley.
-Dill also likes to tell fake stories about what "he did".

Typical Sayings
-"No, I know exactly what you are talking about! [to Jem]"
- "Oh, Scout's to young to understand that. Isn't that right Scout?"
-"It's a sin to kill a mockingbird."
-"Scout leave Jem alone" or "give him some space Scout".

-Dill does not have a typical saying execpt he usually tells tale-tails.
-And wonders what Boo is like ("I wounder what Boo Radley is like, wouldn't it be neat to meet 'em" etc.)

-Scout is about 6 in the beginging of the book.
-Her real name is Jean Louise.
-She has brown eyes and brown eyes.

-Jem is 10 at the beginning of the book.
- His full name is Jeremy Atticus Finch.

-Atticus is almost fifty.
-He has jet-black hair but it has more gray in it now.

-Dill is 7 at the beginning of the book and is really short for his age. He is from Meridian, Mississippi.
-His real name is Charles Baker Harris but people call him Dill instead.
-He has fluffy white-like hair and he wears overalls (for only the first summer though).

Favorite Pastimes
-Scout likes to read.
-Sout likes to hang out with her brother and Dill.

-He likes to go out and shoot his air rifle.
-He likes to go by himself places.

-Atticus likes to read the newspaper at night.
-Dill likes to hang out with Jem.
Important Actions
-Scout ran up to the mob to stop them from hurting Atticus.
-Did a dare to go up and touch the Radly house.
-Atticus is taking actions to treat African Americans freely being Tom Robinson's lawyer.
-Dill walked all the way to Maycomb from where he lived before.
Treatment of Others
-Scout is a caring person.
-He starts pushing his sister away and he doesn't seem to really care about people.
-He likes his friends though. (when he went by all of them at the festival.)
-Atticus tries to treat everyone equally despite their color (he is defending Tom Robinson) and how nice they are (he tells Jem and Scout to be kind to Mrs. Dubose).
- Dill treats the people he cares about kindly. He is polite to Atticus and, of course, to Jem and Scout, his "girlfriend".
-Scout believes that someone does live in the Radley house.
-Jem believes Mr. Radley is a killer. But he wants to be brave so he won't admitt it.
-Belives Scout is too young and girly to hang out with Dill and him.

-Atticus believes that Jem and Scout should mind their own buisness (and leave the Radley house alone).
-He also believes that he should defend everyone in court no matter what their color.

-Atticus belives his son killed Mr. Ewell
-Dill belives him and Scout should get married.
What Others Think/Say
-Others say and think that Scout is a tom boy. Her teacher doesn't seem to like her because she is more outgoing than the rest of her class.
-Aunt Alexandra and other ladies want her to wear dresses instead of pants.

-No one really thinks much of Jem except that he is better behaved than Scout.
-Others call Atticus a "nigger-lover" because he is defending an African American in court
-Others think and know that Dill likes to tell tall tales. He says he did all this stuff that he probably never
even got close to doing.

Final Impressions

Self Descriptions
-Scout would descirbe herself as a tom boy
still even though now
she finds womans discussion intresting.
-Scout likes to tag along with Jem and Dill but is more cautious than them.

-Is proud to have the family she has.
- He thinks of
himself as older
and mature and
is interested in the family buisness, law.

-Aticus is still a kind
man who wants to
make the trial fair.

-Dill would describe himself as a person who still does not have a "real" father.
-He has pretty much given up his phase of Boo Radley (although it would probably be restarted after he heard that Scout meet Boo).
-He is curious.

Typical Sayings
-She does not have a typical saying at the end of the book. (she still defends herself when Jem tells people that she could not understand that).
-"Scout does not understand that!" (but not as much as when he first turns 12 because he has found some of the respect and looking at her as an equal that he had before).
-"Put yourself in their shoes"
-"I couldn't look you at you if I did that Jem (or Scout).

-Dill does not have a typical saying at the end of book (he has pretty much given up on making Boo Radley come out).
- 8-9 years old at the end of the book.
-She has more respect for "being a lady" after seeing Aunt Alexandrea's club talk.

-Is a ham at the haloween party.
- Almost 13 years old at the end of the book. He acts and appears older but is a very scrawny boy for his age.
-He is now more than fifty years old (since a couple years have passed during the course of the book).
-His age is starting to definatly show.

-Dill is about 9-10 years old at the end of the book (he is about a year or at least a couple months older than Scout).
Favorite Pastimes
- Scout likes to play outside and read.
-She likes to figure out the world and the law world.

- Scout likes to be with Jem.
- Works as the water boy on the football team and hopes to be able to play soon.
-Atticus still likes to read the newspaper at night even though he does not have as much time anymore (with all the Tom Robinson court case drama).
-Dill likes to play with Jem and Scout.
-Jem teaches him to swim (the last summer they are together during the course of the book).

Important Actions
-Scout tells Mr. Heck Tate what she believes happened when Bob Ewell attacked Jem and her.
-Scout led Boo around her house and back home. she had Boo make it look like he was escorting her. She was then a real woman.
-Takes Scout to the Halloween festival and is always there to protect her. He protects her when Bob Ewell attacks them when they are walking home on Halloween. (he risks his life for Scout.)
-Atticus finds out who the raper is (even though Tom is still the one accused and convicted).
-He takes care of Jem and Scout and makes sure they have the best life possible (he makes sure he can talk to them without feeling guilty/feeling like a hypocrite).

-Dill cries during the court case because he feels upset of the way Tom is being treated (because of the color of his skin).
Treatment of Others
-Scout gives Jem more space now but still like to hang out with him.
-She suddenly understands Arthur (Boo) Radley after meeting him.

- Treats Scout like she's way younger and isn't capable. Jem is rather bossy twords her.
-He treats blacks and whites equally.
-He is also always kind and considerate to people no matter what they do (always thinks the best of them).

-Dill is kind and caring.
-He is more sensitive (cares about how Tom was being treated).

-Scout believes that her family will protect and take care of her.
- Scout belives Jem is dead.
-Jem believes that law is intresting.
-He believed that Atticus would win the Tom Robinson court case and did not really understand why Atticus did not (Tom's race).

-Atticus believes that Jem might have accedently killed Bob Ewell and he does not want to hide it from the town and make it harder on Jem.
-Dill believes that Tom and other African Americans should be treated better. (especially while watching the Tom Robinson court case).
What Others Think And Say
-Others think higher of Scout. Cal does not yell as much and Aunt Alexandrea is not as concerned as what she wears (hands Scout her overalls when she needs to change on Halloween).
-Aunt Alexandrea thinks nothing much of him other than that he likes law.
-Jem sometimes gets moody and then Atticus tells Scout to leave him alone for a bit.

-Mr. Heck Tate says that Bob Ewell stabbed himself when he tripped.
-The ladies in Aunt Alexandrea's club (except Miss Maudie and Aunt Alexandrea) think that Atticus is/was doing the wrong thing by helping Tom.

-Others say that Dill is crazy (Aunt Alexandrea).
-That he is bad and rambunkus (adults, Aunt Aleandrea, his Aunt Rachel, etc.; when he runs away and when Jem, Scout, and him go to the court case even though they were not supposed to go).