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Have you ever heard the phrase, "Bad things happen to good people?" or vise versa. I think this describes the town and Boo Radley. They've created all these rumors about Boo stabbing his father with scissors and other lies. So far, Boo hasn't done anything wrong or bad. He just stays in his house all day, minding his own business. I think people don't like it that they don't know much about him, so they make up rumors.

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One example of the coexistance between good and evil takes place in the character Mrs. Dubose. She is just plain cruel to Scout and Jem which results in Jem damaging her garden,after Jem is punished and is forced to read to her for the next few weeks her cruelty does not decrease by one percent. After his punishment is over and she is dead Jem recieves a white flower which is a example of her purity and hope. I think that Mrs. Dubose's character represents the whole town of Maycomb and that there is still hope for them yet.

Aunt Alexandra is an example of good and evil. She is mean to Scout because she wants Scout to change her ways. She has no patience with Scout. Plus she trusts Francis over Scout's word. She has good intentions though. She doesn't want to make Scout's life terrible. She just thinks that Scout is starting to disgrace her family name. This bothers her so she thinks that she has to take matters into her own hands. She feels that she has to fill in as Scout's mom. She thinks that since Scout has no mother Scout won't be able to learn as much about girls, unless she teaches Scout.

Mr. Cunningham is another good example of good and evil. He is involved with the Ku Klux Klan and was part of trying to lynch Tom Robinson. He went with the mob to kill Tom Robinson and maybe even Atticus. He hangs around with bad people and now he getting used to his customs. He isn't a mean person, but he hangs around with mean people. He is becoming one of them. The bad people in the mob are influencing him to do wrong things and think a certain way. This case is a lot like peer pressure, and now Mr. Cunningham is starting to be just like them. Maybe its because hes scared of them. external image GoodEvil.jpg

Tom Robinson is a true example of a mockingbird in this book. He does no harm to anyone, but because of his color he will end up getting tried guiltly in the court case. It was very unfortunate how much racism there was during this time period and how it seemed to to be widely accepted. It is very sad to think that alot of people during this time period, like Tom Robinson, were being put into jail or more likely being executed or even linched for no reason. In our constitution it says that "all men are created equal" and people not only people in the town of Maycomb, but in the rest of the world at that time need to remember that. The people think he is guilty mainly because of his color, and they don't think he should be treated otherwise. Since he is black, when people see him they automatically think he does bad things simply because of his color.

Dolphus Raymond is a true example of the coexistance between good and evil. He is a good man that everyone judges because they assume he is drinking alcohol but infact it is just simply Coca-Cola. If people did not judge him by his cover they would truely get to know how good he is on the inside.

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