Growing Up a Lady

Aunt Alexandria and Jem just cannot understand why Scout will not act more like a young lady. "Acting like a lady" was considered to be a very important goal for white girls growing up in the 1930s.

Ways girls were expected to act in the 1930s
Ways girls are expected to act today

How girls are free to act in both times

Girls were expected to act ladylike. They were supposed to wear dresses and play with dolls, jump rope.external image lyellow.jpg

It doesn't really matter what girls wear and they are allowed to play sports with boys, and be tomboyish.

They both were allowed to play out doors, and have fun.

Most girls were required to go to church, and wear pretty dresses to church.

Usually today, people can go to church, but they are not a disgrace if they don't go to church. We wear jeans and nice shirts to most churches these days.

They both go to church and learn about the Bible.
external image free-bible.jpg

Girls weren't allowed to fight (fist fight), but boys were.

Nobody is really allowed to fight, but if they do it can be boys or girls.

Girls aren't supposed to fight.

Girls aren't supposed to go anywhere barefoot.

Girls are allowed to go every where in flip flops which is practically barefoot.external image s_flip-flops.jpg

Shoes are provided and girls are expected to wear some type of shoes wherever they go.

Girls were not allowed to wear pants to school.

Girls hardly ever wear skirts or dresses to shool. We always wear pants.

Girls are allowed to wear pants, but in the 1930s they were only allowed to wear them in some cases.(Scout was allowed to wear pants, and her aunt thought that that was horrible for a girl.)

Girls were expected to use certain grammar, and where often corrected for saying the wrong things. Girls were not allowed to be curse.

Girls say a lot of things that they probably shouldn't say theses days. Grammar is not the measuring stick for girls today, as it was in the 1930s.

They both are supposed to be polite.

Aunt Alexandria was against Scout were pants. She thought it would disgrace the family and bring them sham because it was improper.

As stated above, these days girls are aloud to wear just about anything. It is pretty hard for them to disgrace the family, but not to many people are worried about their family being disgraced or disgracing their family.

In each, they were aloud to wear whatever, but in both there were things that that weren't proper.

Then girls were supposed to sit around and talk with the ladies, instead of going and playing outside. Aunt Alexandria tried getting Scout to do this but eventually gave up and let her go play.

Today girls can sit and talk or go play. It doesn't really matter if they're outside doing things.

In both times girls talked and played whether it was appropriote or not.

Girls were supposed to pull more weight around the house. They were expected to do more cooking and cleaning, while the men would do less.

Both girls and boys are supposed to pull equal amounts of weight . They should both do the same amount of work, no matter what that work is.
external image cleaning-supplies.jpg

Girls were expected to help out around the house.

Girls were expected to be wimpy and girly and they were expected to not be able to comprehend lots of the things that men talk about.

Today Girls are supposed to be strong, and athletic, and smart. They should be able to understand things that everyone says.

In both times they are allowed to be tough, like scout, but some girls should act more sweet instead of tough.

One of the worst things you could do as a girl in the 1930s was talk badly about someone behind their back. If girls talked bad, they would most likely get in trouble with their parents.

Today girls are mean. Every girl talks bad about another girl at sometime in their life. Girls can still get in trouble for being mean, but girls are very mean today.

In both times it is not nice to talk about people behind their backs. In Scouts time Aunt Alexandria would talk badly about people, but yells at Scout if she talkes too badly about someone Aunt Alexandria is close to.

Back then when women would talk they wouldn't say what they think. They would talk in riddles and say very general things so they didn't ofend anyone. You had to try and figurer out what they mean.

Today girls just say what they think. They don't care to much about offending others. If they have an opinion they state it.

In both times they could say what they wanted, but they sometimes don't.

In the 1930s girls in richer families would always be trained by their family to look out for people with less money. They were told to help them out, give them money and take responsibility for them.

Today, nearly everyone treats people who have less money like they are bad and not good. They ignore them and hope that they get better or go away.

In both times girls are allowed to be nice to people who have less.

Most children in the 1930s, girls and boys, had a nurse, or nanny, that would take care of them during the day. Most of the time this person was the first black person the white children came in contact with when they were little.

Today mostly the childrens' parents would raise them. Kids may have babysitters today, but they mostly spend their time being raised by their own family.

In both times, children are raised to be good people. Different people raised children in different time periods.

Most families exampled good language for their girls. Most girls never heard bad words until they were adults.

Today families don't show too good of language. Parents cuss out people when they drive, when they drop things, and use bad language all of the time.

Bad language is not good at anytime, but today people use language more freely than they used to.

Girls in the 1930s were expected to avoid playing or hanging out with boys. They were supposed to be with females only and have only female friends.

Today, girls are guys are mixed in the world and each gender has friends in the other.

Girls were expected to hang out with other girls.