hiya, my name is Briana and this is my "who i am" page. As you read on you will learn a little more about me and what i like. below I willl list what ilike to do and my favorite things. Just know that i am not a computer wizard so my page won't be as fancy as some others.

What i Like to Do
external image friends-forever.gif I love my friends!

external image family_issues.jpgMy family is the greatest!

external image you_think_your_brother_is_annoying_tshirt-p235701424060415596ud3o_400.jpgMy brothers are annoying but i love them

external image Book4.jpgReaders are leaders!

external image troublemaker.jpgCausing trouble is just what i do

external image Shadow-Stripe-Shopping-Bags.jpgShopping!

My Favorite Things

external image front%2520cover.pngJokes!

external image paint-brush-thumb458469.jpgPainting

external image relaxing-on-the-beach.jpgRelaxing!

external image sea_otter.jpg


external image Abstract-Swirl-Design-on-Purple-Background-Photographic-Print-C12873511.jpeg

And that's pretty much all you need to know about me. But b4 u go just know that my favorite comeback is, " I'll try to be nicer if you try to be smarter!"
Ok now that's all about me!!! :-)